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The workshops take place in the Atelier in the City Center of The Hague.

Various workshops, such as crafting your own art to creative painting and the creation and creation of personal art.

We organize workshops for adults and children and for parents and children. Events can also be organized by Stacy, fully catered to celebrate the birthday of your little one, which can be done in style with her. Various options are possible, let yourself be personally informed about the possibilities.

Kids Workshop

For Kids

The atelier hosts workshops and educational creative gatherings events for kids and parents.


Communicating through art, play and spending uninterrupted time together.


Sharing and listening from a place of empathy and understanding and acknowledging that which is present.

Adults Workshop

For Adults


The atelier host workshops for adults. Just because you're a mother or an adult doesn't mean you can’t be creative.


Just relax, bring your best buddy and come and let’s get creative and make nice things that can bring you joy. 


Come as you are and just enjoy the moment! 

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