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I am a lifestyle and party stylist, creative workshop organizer, pre-school teacher and the founder of Laurant Styling.

I am a wife, mom to Josiah, and bonus mom to Georgia.


My main focus is on art, working with natural elements, and interaction with children and adults in a small-scale setting where personal attention is central. I am a professional within the education system for now 12 years, with very intensive experience working with young children where education through play and creation.


My way of working with children is a positive and powerful way I want the kids to feel secure Lauratstyling  Atelier has to be a home where kids can feel at home.

" I am a one-woman-running the atelier momma and  I am doing everything with a lot of care and love! "

Our Story

Laurantstyling Atelier existed because I am a mother myself and was looking for a place where I can be creative and build new friends. When I first came to live in the Netherlands, I needed to get to know the culture, but also to get to know new people and build new friendships. As an expat you like to interact with other people.


After I became a mother I liked styling for a party but the combination of this just didn't work. I didn't see my family very often and I wanted to change that. Since I also have a part-time job as a teacher and another styling company, I wanted to see my son develop and spend more time with him.

Then Covid came and it was tough but here I found myself again and I saw what my needs were and from my son's. A place where you feel at home and can be creative and build new friendships. And food and good company always bring out the best in a person. The social contact and the need to spend time with each other as your family but also time for yourself. And so Laurant Atelier was born, a Gathering spot for Kids and Adults.


7 Facts about me

I can speak 4 different languages.

I am a Christian and I love Jesus.

I love people and good company and being creative.

spend time with my family, collecting moments, not things.

I don't like chocolate.

I love a nice tablescape with good food and tasty drinks.

I have been living in the Netherlands for 13 years now. I haven't been back home for 11 years.

Let's Connect


The atelier hosts workshops and educational creative events, by the method of Ayala Manolson. Ayala Hanen Manolson is a speech-language pathologist and she developed a program to develop and improve communication skills, with the core foundation that it is essential that the parent plays an active role and is hugely involved in the development of the child. Through creative expression and interaction together we implement these basic and essential principles. Building and connecting with your child by being present, looking and truly seeing and observing carefully without interaction- giving time and space and time to both be and authentic listening. Hearing what is been said and starting a dialogue from there, this method takes patience and with that makes it into a very interesting learning experience for both child and parent. Communicating through art, play and spending uninterrupted time together. Sharing and listening from a place of empathy and understanding and acknowledging that which is present.


Important STEPS:


This is the 1st step to really get to know your child to merely do, it sounds may be simple and easy and it is exactly that to simplify and feel of the onion and watch what is happening right in front of you. No interpretations, toss options our stories overboard, and 1st stay what is present and alive right now in facts, the things you can observe.


This means for us uninterrupted listening to what is alive in a child right now, letting the child speak and listening emphatically. Staying closely connected and giving the child the freedom to express in words.

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