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Afterschool Crafting ( subscription)

Aftherschool crafting is every wednesday come explore and play.

  • Laurant Atelier Pop Up

Beschrijving van de dienst

At the after school crafting. We start with our first session on 7th september and ends 28 th september. We have 4 sessions: session 1: Lars inspiration session 2: Weaving session 3:Clay session 4: Painting with different technique The children will be guided by Teacher Stacy. The kids get the chance to embrace their creativity they will be exploring and creating with different techniques. We believe by making your own creation. That your art is truly one of the most beautiful. You are the artist, everything you make is beautiful and creative. suited for ages 4 till 10 years old Is your child 3,5 years old then we have a easy version. € 100,00 plus the booking fee 4 x sessions 2 hours Includes snack/ drinks and materials supplied. Parents can stay or take a little break in the city center. Want to join us, sign up and book your spot!

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  • Hoogstraat 14, 2513 AR Den Haag, Netherlands

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