Laurant Special

Girls Night

I wanted to surprise my friends by pampering them with "Cheffrey", the private chef with whom I have started collaborating.


By using delicious food in combined with a fully styled table, we created an fun and luxurious ambiance to enjoy a delicious dinner.


Delft Blue

Delft blue with a tropical twist.

I wanted to bring back the delft blue with a tropical twist.

I used palm leaves and fresh fruit for this theme, and for a final finishing touch I used the ming board as a centerpiece.

laurantstyling (4).jpg
laurantstyling (2).jpg


Easter is a great opportunity to come together at the table and enjoy with family and friends.


Especially for this occasion, I did the decorations slightly different in the by working with color combinations such as pastel colors on a marble table.

pasen 2.jpg
pasen 3.jpg