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About Our Atelier and Our Workshops

Welcome to our Atelier in The Hague, where we offer a wide range of creative workshops. Whether you want to dance, make art or paint, with us you can develop your artistic skills and create your own personal art. ​

What We Offer Various Workshops:

Dance & Art is our hallmark: Through dancing you create your own art.

Create Your Own Art: Discover your inner artist and bring your ideas to life. We believe that every child is unique in creating their own art. Nothing is right or wrong.

Creative Painting: Learn different painting techniques and experiment with colors.

Discover and Create: Explore various art forms and be inspired by famous artists.

Creative, playful and learning: Think of role playing or diving into another culture.


Our art classes draw inspiration from sculpture, painting, music and other art forms.

We focus on improving motor, sensory and social skills. ​

Inspiration by great artists: We are inspired by the works and techniques of famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and many others.

Sustainability: We also emphasize sustainability by inspiring children to turn recycled materials into beautiful works of art. It is fun and at the same time educational to consciously handle things. ​


Special Events and subscription card.

Workshops for Parents and Children:

Our workshops are designed to strengthen the bond between parent and child by creating art together.

We also organize fully catered events, such as birthday parties, where Stacy provides a creative and unforgettable experience.


Subscription card: To make it even more attractive for our customers, we offer a subscription card. This allows you to participate flexibly in various workshops and events at a reduced rate. Ask us about the possibilities and benefits of our subscription card. ​

Come by and discover.

Curious about what we can do for you and your child? Come visit our Atelier in The Hague and discover a world full of creativity and connection. Be personally informed about the various options and how we can support your artistic journey. For more information about registering for a workshop! view our atelier  session or contact us. We look forward to working with you and your child to create beautiful art and unforgettable moments.

Kids Workshop
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for children

The atelier organizes workshops and educational creative meetings for children and parents.

We have workshops on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Communicating through art, play and spending uninterrupted time together.

Sharing and listening from a place of empathy and understanding and acknowledging what is present.


Adults Workshop

For birthdays

The Atelier is organizing a children's birthday party. birthday parties are combined with creative workshops for children. There are parties on Saturdays. Other days are possible on request, please contact us for the possibilities.

Organizing a party can take a lot of time.

You want to throw a party that is fun, educational and unforgettable for your child.

We at Laurant styling studio know how important it is for your child. And a plus for you as a parent, you don't have any mess in the house. As a parent you can enjoy your child's party without any worries.

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