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Welcome back!

How nice that you are interested in our workshops and events.

Why choose our workshops?

You can come to us for workshops on location and in our cozy studio, where we organize various inspiring events together with other entrepreneurs.

Why us?

Creativity is our passion and we know how valuable it is to discover and develop your talents. We offer a unique opportunity for children to explore their skills and creativity in a fun and stimulating environment.

What do we offer?

  • Workshops on location: We come to you!

  • Special events: Collaboration with other entrepreneurs for unique experiences.

  • Birthday workshops: Make your child's birthday an unforgettable day.


Customization options

Would you like a tailor-made workshop?

That's certainly possible!

We are happy to adapt our workshops to your wishes.

Who are our workshops for?

All our workshops are specially designed for children from 1 to 10 years old.

View our workshops here and find the perfect activity for your child.

We have special workshops for toddlers that are appropriate for their age.

Complete the form below and we look forward to working together to provide the best workshop for your children.

Book now! Don't miss this opportunity to let your child's creativity blossom.

Would you like to follow our daily workshop lessons?

then view our agenda.

Our top 10 favorite workshops
for birthdays


Dance & art workshop

1 to 3 years

4 to 10 years 

€18.50 per person


Dance & art disco workshop

4 to 10 years

€24.50 per person

20220510_073706 (1).jpg

Nature printing workshop

4 to 10 years

€24.50 per person

Reycle paper workshop

5 to 10 years

€18.50 per person

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 5.45.30 PM.png

Pizzeria Mama Mia workshop

4 to 10 years


per person

20230504_163906 (1).jpg

All around

Paper craft workshop

1 to 3 years

4 to 10 years

€18,50 per person


Tiny house workshop  

6 to 10 years


per person

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 5.56.35 PM.png

Flower Crown


4 to 10 years


per person


We are all artists workshop

1 to 3 years

4 to 10 years


per person


Laurant styling outdoor

Playground summer


1 to 8 years

Yes nice, I want this.

Workshop Enquiry form

We will contact you soon!

It may take 2-3 business days before you receive a response.

Please fill in the Enquiry form if you'd like to book a workshop or have any questions about our workshops. 

Workshops FAQ

I want a different workshop from what is offered.

If you want us to create a custom-made workshop just for you, that is also possible. Select the option "custom-made workshop" in the drop-down selection.

Is there a minimum amount of participants needed?

Our workshops require a minimum of 5 participants.


How long does a workshop take?

Our workshops range between 1 hour to 1,5 hours 

What are the price range for an workshop?

Our workshop is starting from 18 euro,- and above per participant.

Do you also give workshops to toddlers ?

Yes i do. I give creative sensory workshop.

Or check out our special events for toddlers.

Do you have more workshops than just the top 10?

Yes we have several workshops. For more information, please contact us.

VakantiePas Reporters 
Review for our Mama Mia Pizzeria workshop

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